BCAA – What You Need To Know …

BCAA – What You Need To Know

Branched Chained Amino Acids (BCAAs) are very popular
with bodybuilders and powerlifters. There are 3 types of BCAAs are; leucine,
isoleucine, and also valine which make up as much as 33% of muscle mass cells.

They’re called “branched chained amino acids” just
as a result of their chemical framework– we get the BCAA’s from our diet as
the body cant produce them!

Studies have shown that
supplementation with BCAA’s during athletic performance may reduce fatigue and
prolong exercise endurance by increasing the lactic threshold of your body.
When we work out, lactic acid is produced which makes you “feel the burn” and
eventually forces you to finish your workout.

By supplementing with
BCAA’s you can ensure there are always enough free amino acids available to aid
in the recovery process and reduce overall catabolism (the breakdown of muscle








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