Why should I take a Creatine Supplement?

Probably the Best YouTube Video on Creatine!

Creatine has a limited lifespan. It is degraded into creatinine and cannot be regenerated.  It must therefore be continuously replenished.  In addition, any new muscle tissue will need its own store of creatine.  Therefore, creatine requirements increase as your muscle mass increases.  Creatine is a micronutrient as opposed to a vitamin.  This means that your body can make its own, but there is a benefit to having it in your diet.  If there is not enough creatine in your diet, your body can make it from your dietary amino acids.  However, this means that a creatine deficient diet puts a drain on your amino acid pool, something that should be avoided if your goal is to increase your muscle mass.

There are several benefits of Supplementing with Creatine. Watch the Video and learn everything that you need to know in 11mins!






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