Best Creatine Video on YouTube

Best Creatine Video on YouTube

Dr Edwin Anthony is the Founder & Director of EA Clinic. He specialise in body contouring, practising from my private clinic on 99 Harley Street, London.

What follows are some frequently asked questions about the popular supplement, creatine.  Here, we address what creatine supplements do and just as importantly, what they do not do.  This information is taken from a wealth of scientific literature, verified by the senior research scientist within our team and provided in a clear and impartial manner. Our goal is to allow you to make informed decisions about creatine supplementation.

What is Creatine?
Creatine is a special kind of amino acid made from two common amino acids found in the protein you eat.  Creatine serves as a short-lived emergency backup to your cells energy storage molecule, ATP (adenosine triphosphate).  The vast majority of energy-requiring processes inside the cell, require ATP. When cells and the tissues they form do anything energetic (e.g. muscle contraction), this also requires ATP.  When you burn calories, you are doing so to regenerate your ATP pool.
Other questions answered, like where is Creatine found in the body? Etc


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