Islamic Quotes

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15 Responses to Islamic Quotes

  1. anny says:


  2. HARUN ALIDU says:

    God bless any brain behind this site! what a quote n a sermon!

  3. Mustafa says:

    Really good quotes, post more and my allah bless you

  4. x@hu says:

    Masha Allah! I love your blog! Been a silent follower for sometime now :)

    Is it ok if I share some of your quotes? I will of course provide a link-back credit tag :)

  5. nadzmir godezano says:

    i really like those qoutes,,,, it touches my heart and i can cry in dunya….

  6. nadzmir godezano says:

    .. real islam remember d akhirat,, not dunya!!!

  7. mohamed FaRzan says:

    good Islamic quotes.

  8. samira says:

    mashallah i appreciate it
    i make a command plzzz put quotes on marriagge too
    thanx a lot
    i enjoy it

  9. safia ameer says:

    jazakallah hu khairan

  10. Fatiha Safi says:

    Mashallah ZKL i love it and i enjoy the quotes may Allah reword you Janna who ever made this great poster about Islamic again it is good remainder keep the good work thanks brothers and sisters !!!

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